Axell from the inside – interview with an employee

No company would exist without its dedicated employees. In the series of new publications, we will introduce you to the characters of those who form the Axell Group family. In the first installment of our texts, “Axell from the inside”, meet the Head of the Axell Logistics Terminal in Skierniewice and Chorzów.

I will probably not be original when I say that what I appreciate most  in my everyday work is the people I work with. The people who surround me are open, enthusiastic, and eager to share their knowledge and experience. They treat every new project as an interesting challenge. Fulfilling your daily duties in the company of such people is a pleasure. Together, we are unstoppable. Creativity, flexibility and commitment allow us to tailor solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers and always achieve our goals.

It is nice to observe how the company is developing and, at the same time, be a part of it. In the past years, we have significantly increased our warehouse space and modernized our warehouses. With investments in hardware and operating systems, we can optimize costs and increase our competitive edge. We implement innovative solutions that allow the integration of the entire supply chain and IT systems to track the delivery process in order to quickly respond to emergency situations.

Funny story: We are a well-knit crew, which allows us to do harmless jokes in relation to one another. I remember perfectly when 10 years ago we were implementing the WMS system and beginning to use the scanners. The warehouse staff started using these devices few people really understood what they can be used for. One day we sent a message to a worker’s scanner: Get to work! The CEO. The timing was perfect as the colleague had just „taken five”. He then walked from one person to another and warned: With scanners, the CEO sees everything we do. It took a lot of time before we got rid of it because it resulted in improved performance, and lots of fun!

Marzena Wach – Head of the Axell Logistics Terminal in Skierniewice and Chorzów who has been with the company for 11 years. A passionate traveler who enjoys outdoor recreation. Yoga, cycling, and running are her favorite leisure activities.



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