Axell from the inside – Project Manager

No company would exist without its dedicated employees. In the series of new publications, we will introduce you to the characters of those who form the Axell Group family. In the next installment of our texts, “Axell from the inside”, meet Project Manager – Renata Drgas-Sinska.

“I have been part of the company since its beginnings 20 years ago. I appreciate that every day I can face new challenges because I can grow, gain new knowledge and valuable skills”.

“Looking from the perspective of past two decades, the biggest change I have noticed has to do with the customer needs. There is increased demand for co-packing services, creation of promotional kits, and labeling. Also, a range of services dedicated to ecommerce have emerged. The courier market has grown significantly. By anticipating the forthcoming changes, we have invested early on in the development of information and communication technologies. We implemented automated identification techniques so we were able to offer our customers exactly what they needed. We provide our customers with quick access to all the necessary information about their goods, facilitating tracking of shipments at every step of the supply chain”.

“The daily life in Axell is primarily about working with a great team. All the trips we’ve made together, and the events and outings we organized are full of great memories that will stay with me for years”.

Funny memory: It was a long time ago… Stock levels used to be stored in Excel files, and issue documents were written in Word. One day late at night, with rain and strong wind behind the windows, we all worked hard in the warehouse to make it on time. Someone joked that we lacked hands to work and would use some help from Michał Drzymała*. Then the light went out, the clocks stopped, and a knock at the door was heard. We froze. Everyone was dead scared. We wanted it, we got it. Drzymała came to visit us! The officers were so scared that, for the first time, they did not check all the door seals. Each of us quickly packed their belongings and drove home. As it later turned out, it was just temporary power outage, and the door knocked on the wind. Today we remember it with smile on our faces, but this evening  we were not  laughing at all.

Renata Drgas-Sinska – Project Manager, has been with the company for 20 years. Privately a passionate traveler who loves discovering new places on the map of Poland and exploring interesting new tastes in her own kitchen.

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