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No company would exist without its dedicated employees. In the series of new publications, we will introduce you to the characters of those who form the Axell Group family. In the next installment of our texts, “Axell from the inside”, meet Manager Administration Monika Sokalla.

I remember the first day at work and the smile of Hanna Rutkowska, who greeted me then. Since that time Poland has changed, our company has changed, we have changed. New technologies and information systems have emerged, motorways were built, supply chains have evolved to take on other forms in the case of food and consumer goods. There were new logistic companies, warehouses sprung up like mushrooms. Everything went ahead — we too! A small company from the tiny town of Rakoniewice steadily moved ahead.

I always felt a part of something cool. I saw the company was growing and I had a small stake in it. To this day, it brings great satisfaction, especially if we see that the boss is satisfied and sees our commitment.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced was to build the Accounting Department from scratch, which after half a year began to meet its goals. The company’s biggest asset are the people I employed at that time, most of whom still work with us today. I feel great trust and respect for them. I am happy that my work was also the place where I made many amazing friendships. I am surrounded by people with whom I can share my professional and personal successes. I would also like to thank those who have not worked with us yet but have been co-authors of many of our successes. I am very grateful to the company for giving me the opportunity to discover and work with them.

Funny story: An event that was deeply rooted in my memory was a jubilee trip to the Netherlands. The team-building already begun on the bus. We spent a great time at the Efteling Amusement Park, where we laughed so much it made my cheeks hurt. Each of us for a moment felt like a carefree child. After all-day madness, we put on our evening dresses and went to the Gala. There were dances, wine and singing! Initially the dance floor was dominated the crew from Poland, but after some time they were also joined by the Dutch, who had fun with us until dawn.

Monika Sokalla – Manager Administration, has been with the company for 17 years. Privately, a mother of two and a passionate gardener.

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