Expanding: ZIWI Pets goes to Scandinavia

Axell Logistics has been taking care of the logistic process for the New Zealand company Ziwi for over a year now. They produce 100% natural petfood for cats and dogs, to give them a complete balanced, healthy and totally natural diet.

Axell Logistics provides Central European warehouses for both wholesale and retail deliveries, multiple carriers for retail deliveries and a flexible solution due to retail specific requirements like ingredients labels.

This leads to multiple benefits for our customer:

  • Cost effective and transactional pricing
  • EU transport by multiple carriers from parcel to pallet to get the best service and the lowest costs
  • Full electronic process, minimized paper and administration
  • Container inbound
  • Value added services for labelling

We recently expanded our logistics services for Ziwi with packaging to Scandinavia countries, to the satisfaction of both parties.

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