Substantial expansion of warehouses in Etten-Leur

November 19, 2019

Axell Logistics has expanded the area of ​​its warehouses in Etten-Leur in 1.5 years to a total of no less than 55,600 sqm (= 11 football fields). In the summer of 2017 the total surface area in Etten-Leur was still 30,000 sqm and no less than 25,600 sqm was added in a year and a half. Between July 2017 and August 2018 a whole new warehouse of 17,300 sqm was built (view the timelapse here). This year another 8,325 sqm was added on the other side of the Hermelijnweg. With the expansion, Axell Logistics can once again offer its existing and new customers enough room for the future.

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