We always strive for the best results. To realize this, all professionals within our organization share the following core values. We express these both internally and externally.

At Axell Group we take everyone seriously. Our clients, but also our employees, partners and suppliers. Everyone is equal and deserves to be heard. And when it’s necessary, we’ll talk to each other about agreements and responsibilities.

The best solutions are not always obvious. Sometimes they are not easy to see on the surface or there is a deeper cause than originally thought. We see it as our job to deploy our services, people and knowledge in a way that truly results in structural improvements. In addition, we do not shy away from looking beyond our own structures.

Clarity and openness are the basis for good relationships. Managing expectations, communicating carefully and trusting each other’s abilities helps empower management, employees and our clients.

The power of a smoothly run organization is the freedom to make decisions quickly and easily. If there is a logical solution, we will simply go for it. We work hard, and are always critical and positive. This makes us highly capable and focused.

Indispensable in any organization: entrepreneurship and the will to continue to improve. Being creative, and showing courage, we face the biggest challenges without hesitation.

Maintaining and developing our strengths requires focus

 Deliver added value through creative and customer specific solutions

Maintain long term relationships with customers and employees

 Look for synergy between logistics and employment

 Strengthen our position in the 6 regions along connecting the Netherlands and Poland

 Develop our people