We are certified until 2021 (all HACCP certificates lose their validity on January 1, 2021). We have several customers in various industries where we carry out warehousing according to HACCP standards. After the expiry of HACCP, we want to adopt a different quality standard that fits well with the wishes of our customers.

Axell Logistics complies with the PayChecked quality mark. PayChecked in Transport is the quality mark for transporters with which they can demonstrate in the logistics chain that they meet the requirements set in the ‘Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies’. The purpose of PayChecked in Transport is to limit the risks arising from the ‘Wet Aanpak Schijnconstructies’ for clients who have agreed a road transport contract with a carrier established in the Netherlands. As the holder of the quality mark, Axell Logistics has been checked for the correct payment of the wage and the correct administration. For more information, visit the PayChecked in Transport site.