Substantial expansion of warehouses in Etten-Leur

November 19, 2019

Axell Logistics has expanded the area of ​​its warehouses in Etten-Leur in 1.5 years to a total of no less than 55,600 sqm (= 11 football fields). In the summer of 2017 the total surface area in Etten-Leur was still 30,000 sqm and no less than 25,600 sqm was added in a year and a half. Between July 2017 and August 2018 a whole new warehouse of 17,300 sqm was built (view the timelapse here). This year another 8,325 sqm was added on the other side of the Hermelijnweg. With the expansion, Axell Logistics can once again offer its existing and new customers enough room for the future.

Expanding: ZIWI Pets goes to Scandinavia

Axell Logistics has been taking care of the logistic process for the New Zealand company Ziwi for over a year now. They produce 100% natural petfood for cats and dogs, to give them a complete balanced, healthy and totally natural diet.

Axell Logistics provides Central European warehouses for both wholesale and retail deliveries, multiple carriers for retail deliveries and a flexible solution due to retail specific requirements like ingredients labels.

This leads to multiple benefits for our customer:

  • Cost effective and transactional pricing
  • EU transport by multiple carriers from parcel to pallet to get the best service and the lowest costs
  • Full electronic process, minimized paper and administration
  • Container inbound
  • Value added services for labelling

We recently expanded our logistics services for Ziwi with packaging to Scandinavia countries, to the satisfaction of both parties.

Axell Logistics NL in January

The new year is a few weeks old now and we have a lot to tell you! Because we are proud of our new collaborations and our new customers!

Axell Logistics has been the logistic supplier for many years of Smurfit Kappa in Etten-Leur. And we started the new year very well by expanding the collaboration with them. We started with the storage of big rolls of paper as a test for ‘Smurfit Kappa Roermond Papier’. These rolls will be processed at our neighbors Smurfit Kappa  Elcorr.

These rolls are huge and weigh almost 3500 kilo. Just lifting them with our own reachtrucks isn’t possible. Loading and unloading the rolls has to happen by using a special reachtruck with a roller clamp, which we rented temporarily. The test is currently under evaluation and we hope to proceed with our activitities in the future.

Furthermore, the sister company of RPC Pet Power, the English company RPC Corby is going to use our warehouse in Etten-Leur for the external storage of packaging for the Dutch and Belgium, food-industry. They want to prevent a possible disruption because of the Brexit. Next to the logistic process, Axell Logistic will also arrange the transport with mega-trailers. These trailers are higher than 2,80m. We can normally fit 33 pallets in a truck, now we can store 66 pallets in one truck (with a height of 1,45m). More efficient en faster!