Axell Logistics is specialized in distribution in the Benelux countries or Poland as well as in international transport.

Our own fleet of trucks, complemented by charters, delivers palletized goods on a daily basis to manufacturing locations, distribution centers, wholesalers, retailers and shops.

We offer our customers:

  • Environmental and cost saving distribution and international forwarding
  • A distribution fleet ranging from EuroCombis to closed trucks, which we supplement with regular charters
  • Extensive network of delivery addresses
  • Experienced and qualified drivers
  • Warehouse facilities with temporary storage and VAL-services
  • Single point of contact

Axell Logistics has an appropriate solution for all kinds of transport needs.

  • We offer various types of distribution in the Benelux countries or Poland and road transport throughout the whole of Europe.
  • Environmentally friendly and cost saving distribution methods, such as combined transport for clients delivering to the same destinations
  • A range of transport options, attuned to your supply chain, such as shuttle services between production locations and our warehouses
  • A pool of reliable charters to provide additional capacity and flexibility
  • At the logistics hotspots in the Netherlands and Poland we offer warehouse facilities for
    storage and transfer
  • All deliveries are monitored by our Ortec Control Tower or Track & Trace system

We guarantee:

  • Optimum flexibility

Not the mode of transport, but the transport need is the starting point for all our solutions. You will therefore be guaranteed the best result. For over 80 years, this approach has worked for a large number of loyal clients.

  • Cost benefit

In our tariff system, you are guaranteed the benefit of our own fleet, the high transport volume and modern planning systems of our group. Both Poland and the Netherlands operate with this system, to make sure both countries are informed about each other’s fleet. The planning system also enlarges our efficiency rate, without losing personal contact with our customers. Together with our advanced TMS (Transport Management System) we guarantee our customers correct handling of the administration.

  • Integrated solutions

When choosing Axell Logistics for transport and warehousing, efficiency will increase and you will experience the many benefits of total solutions in distribution. With our extended fleet, we have a solution for every customer. We also have modern LHV combinations (Long and Heavy Vehicle), with the possibility to use both trailers as a city trailers.

In total we have over 100 trucks and trailers to provide our customers with custom made solutions in an efficient and sustainable way.

Our current transport fleet consists of:

13 motortrucks – trailer combinations with swap bodies

Euro 6C motor
Adaptive cruise control and eco-roll function for economical driving
Emergency brake assistant
2 motortrucks are approved for the LHV

23 tractors 40% has a Euro 6 motor
With internal pallettruck
70 trailers Cabinets
With tailboards
Terminal tractor To prepare trailers for loading and unloading
B-double LZV combination Both trailers can also be used as city trailer

Bringing in our professional approach and personal service, your international transport or
regional distribution is in professional hands at Axell Logistics. Each day, we work for both multinationals and smaller customers, who – alongside our transparency and flexibility – duly appreciate our ability to move forward quickly.

Axell Logistics can solve a wide variety of logistical problems.
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