Value Added Logistics

As well as being concerned with saving costs, intelligent logistics is also about adding value. With our Value Added Logistic (VAL) services, we not only boost your logistics performance but also help you to improve the sales and marketing of your products.

No logistic processes are the same and therefore do not require the same solution. We can be widely deployed in the field of value added logistic services. Either at our own locations or on site at the client, we ensure fast and efficient processing and are also able to provide flexible solutions in case of additional temporary capacity.

We provide a variety of value added logistic services such as:

  • Construct and fill up displays / POS materials
  • Add POS materials in existing packaging
  • Management of POS materials
  • Putting labels and stickers
  • Packaging or re-packaging
  • Mixed boxes and promotional bundles
  • Gift packaging

We guarantee:

  • Easy up and down-scaling

Together with Axell Employment we have sufficient capacity and people with the right qualifications to carry out these activities on demand.

  • Extensive knowledge of logistic engineering and ICT

Our own engineers are ready to analyze and optimize logistic and ICT processes.

  • Investment in sustainable collaboration

When we engage in a long-term collaboration, we regularly invest together with the client. From the construction of a new warehouse to the purchase of machines and the optimization of ICT systems. Such customer-specific investments lead to unique solutions and better returns.

Bringing in our professional approach and personal service, your Value Added Logistic services are in professional hands at Axell Logistics. Each day, from our warehouse we work for both multinationals and smaller customers, who – alongside our transparency and flexibility – duly appreciate our ability to move forward quickly.

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