Axell Group; Dutch family owned company founded in 1932

Together with our customers, we continuously take up the
challenge to add value to production and logistics so that
in the long run we could both excel in what we are good at.

Solid expansion to Poland & development into employment

Strong foundation; common values across the group

Focus on customer orientation through empowered and engaged people.

Adding value through a unique combination

As a specialist in the Netherlands and Poland
we offer the most creative and flexible solutions
to support the production and logistics of our customers
by delivering both people and services.

3 established companies together offer 6 disciplines

Combining expertise of logistics engineers, ICT specialists, labour and payroll specialists,
will create comprehensive, flexible and custom made solutions.

Maintaining and developing our strengths requires focus

Maintain long term relationships with customers and employees

Deliver added value through creative and customer specific solutions

Look for synergy between logistics and employment

Strengthen our position in the 6 regions along connecting the Netherlands and Poland

Develop our people